A Breif History of French Ye-Ye Pop Music!

post Here at Make + Do, I have a penchant for colorful and mod stars of the mid 20th century.  You may have noticed this in my daily photos of inspirational ladies of fashion on the Make + Do Facebook page!  While I try to share a variety of styles, I’m drawn again and again to the sweet styles of 1960′s french pop stars.  I honestly can’t remember when I first came into contact with the term “Ye-Ye”, but when I could put a name to this group of ladies who gave me so much inspiration, my brain felt a lot more organized and a bit smarter too.

sylvie-vartan-salut-des-copainsThe term “ye-ye” is supposedly derived from the french translation of “yeah! yeah!” and was a phrase often featured in the songs of french ye-ye singers.  In the late 1950′s, the radio show (and magazine) “Salut des Copains” (meaning” hey, friends!”) started to share a “sweetheart of the week” whose song would quickly catapult the teenage singer to her moment in the sun!  These girls were always in their mid to late teens.  The extreme naivete of these singers lent them a Lolita-esque quality as they sang (mostly) innocent songs with themes pertaining to love and their adolescent lives.

French ye-ye music had it’s hey-day in the 1960s-1970s and produced such famous names as Francoise Hardy, Sylvie Vartan, France Gall, Jane Birkin and, of course, my favorite Brigitte Bardot.  The women represented in the French Ye-Ye movement and the songs which were produced represent a political timeline of women’s liberation.  Studying this movement can lead you down a fascinating road of Sociological study! Check out this amazing article by Jean Emmanuel Deluxe on Ye-Ye Girls of the ’60s

francoise hardy_27 I’m super excited to declare this month “April in Paris” and share some French Ye-Ye pop-stars with you each week.  I also have a super simple frenchie DIY I have been hatching up to share. Hopefully, I can write up some fun fashion history posts swimming in my head and of course, I will be sharing Make+Do handmade updates as well!

xo, Brittan


Make + Do Shop Update – Modern Dream Catcher Wall Hangings!

poesy-catcher-pink-orange-final-2I promised to share these Poesy Dream Catchers after I had uploaded them to Etsy!  I came up with this idea with my momma.  I love all the modern wall hangings I see around the internet and wanted to come up with my own Make+Do twist on the idea.  This is a dream catcher of sorts with a thick muslin fringe.  Behind the fringe is a secret pocket to hold a Poesy of flowers!  This wall hanging can be a seasonal item just by switching out your flowers with the season. How neat is that?  I am in love with this  product and its versatility.

I’ve started to add little touches of Macrame to a few of the styles.  I love the natural white with the wooden beads.  It has such a relaxed look!  Please check out all the Poesy Dream Catcher colors and styles on the Make + Do etsy page!

Love to you, Brittan

poesy-catcher-pink-orange-ombre-final-1 poesy-catcher-fuschia-final-2poesy-catcher-white-macrame-final-1

A little April Giveaway!

headband-promo-imageHi There!

Just a little post to share a contest I am running on the Make+Do Facebook Page! Its very simple:

+Like the Make+Do Facebook Page (if you haven’t already) and tag FIVE friends (just five!!) who you think would love Make + Do too!  When you do this, you win a free headband of your choice in the available colors!

Its a simple way to help me out and spread more Make + Do love!

Love to you, and happy April!

xo, Brittan

Little Brown Bag, a Handmade Market

little-brown-bag-make-and-doToday was such a special day! I had a great time selling Make + Do wares at Little Brown Bag, A Handmade Market!  I met many wonderful people who were so encouraging in their compliments.  I always leave these events feeling so energized and renewed.  Getting face to face feedback is incredible and I often get new ideas for products from my customers!  Here are some detail shots of my booth!

Love to you all!

BIG PS! Check out my new Poesy Holders on my table! I’ll be sharing details of those soon!!


make-and-do-craft-fair-4 make-and-do-craft-fair-3 make-and-d0-craft-fair-2 little-brown-bag-make-and-do-5

Make + Do Journal No. 3 – One Thing at a Time.

one-thing-at-a-time-anthropologieBecca Stadtlander Notebook available at Anthropologie
When I reflect on “what I learned” through Make + Do these last few weeks, I actually was quite successful on paper.
+I was approached by the Lovely Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick and co-hosted my very first giveaway! She was so graceful at showing me the ropes of sharing and marketing the giveaway. I’m so thankful for such genuine people on the internet and for the opportunity Sarah gave me to grow! Thanks girl! And Thank YOU to all who participated! Expect more fun giveaways in the future (like on Tuesday…haha!)
+I successfully mapped a new URL to this blog! I had my new url, makeanddohandmade.com, since Mid December of last year and only now was able to figure out how to link it up to my existing wordpress blog. For a while I was considering a Squarespace change, but I didn’t want to disrupt my blog growth at its tender stage (you see? Blogging is like attending to a garden! Haha!) So I am sticking to wordpress for the time being. This is my home, and I like it here.
+ I was able to pay for a spot at the Little Brown Bag, A Handmade Market with Make + Do earnings and have successfully prepped for the fair and built up inventory in the last few weeks! I’m publishing this before I see the results of my hard work for the fair, but honestly I’m always proud of myself when I take a risk and put my work out in the open.
So yes! Not a bad month of growth and firsts for Make + Do! But honest to goodness, this comes as such a shock to me because March was actually a really rough month for me, personally. I have mentioned before that Zachariah and I moved out of our sweet apartment just 6 months into our marriage to live with my in laws. Such a blessing when we most needed the help, but also a difficult change after living quite independently. Soon after the move from my beloved first apartment, my sweetheart left town to go play SXSW (South xSouthwest) with his band, Max and the Moon.
Without getting into too much detail: in the last few years, I’ve had on and off struggles with anxiety which sometimes I have trouble rising above. This turned out to be one of those times. For the duration of Zach being gone, my first goal was just survival. Holy crap, I was so lonely. My fear of being alone was, at times, debilitating. Honestly, such a bizarre trait in someone who spent her early twenties flying back and forth to Europe and across the US totally alone. Because my fears and anxieties came from imagined future events which would be harmful to me, it became apparent that I needed to exist in the present moment as much as possible. In other words, my motto was…
One thing at a time.
Some days, I can only do one thing. Quite often, that one thing is doing what would be most beneficial to the relationship I have with my God and with my family. Taking time each day to make sure I am moving, eating whole foods, getting sunlight and attending to my mental health are an equal priority for me.
Other days, I make a list of things to get done, prioritize and tell myself I don’t have to do anything on my list after the most important thing is done. If I have the mental capacity to do the next thing on the list, I do it. But I never think ahead. All I think is “one thing at a time”. If I can’t do anything else, I go home. If I’m already home, I go watch Hulu.
Through my first Make + Do giveaway, and staying accountable to Sarah, as well as prepping for the craft fair and being accountable to the financial investment I made in the fair, I often had to push myself to make sure I was being responsible with what I was being entrusted with. Instead of being overwhelmed with the amount of work which needed to be done, I reminded myself I only need to take care of “One thing at a time” to be successful.
I don’t know if any of you can relate to this. I know a lot of research has come out about how multitasking actually slows you down in your work and focusing on one thing at a time makes you more productive. This month wasn’t an experiment in this principal, it was honestly just survival. However, it must have worked to some degree because in retrospect, I was successful with Make + Do in March in spite of myself.
My journey to greater stability and mental health is not one I get into often, but I couldn’t really escape discussing it this month! I would love to hear your experiences with this topic. Perhaps you too have lived through a time of “overwhelm” Tell me your survival tactics for living a healthy AND productive life!
All my love, Brittan

New Gingham Headbands in the Make + Do Shop!



yellow-gingham-headband-bardot-inspired-2I’m pretty pleased with the happy new headbands in my etsy shop Make + Do!  I made a new batch in fun gingham fabric in red, black, pink and yellow! If you imagine yourself on a roadtrip, at the beach or on a picnic, I can guarantee you would look fabulous doing all of those things in a gingham headband!

I hope you are having a fabulous week! Love to you, my movers and shakers, makers + doers!

xo, Brittan

Ocean Side Style with Paloma Lisa Photography!

IMG_1889IMG_1915IMG_2003IMG_2057IMG_2067IMG_2086IMG_2097IMG_9552When you have a friend as talented as Paloma of Paloma Lisa Photography, having the opportunity to have her as the occasional personal photographer is one that needs to be taken advantage of! On this day, Paloma and I made our way to the beach in Encinitas, Ca.  I have to say it was one of the most beautiful days I have experienced in a long time, even for San Diego!  Apparently, a lot of other people felt the same way! I was a bundle of nerves when Paloma and I found as secluded of a place as we could to shoot these photos.  You just couldn’t escape the onlookers!

Luckily, Paloma is such a professional and I feel so relaxed with her when we get to work together.  I was quickly able to zone out everyone else and just enjoy the opportunity to take these photos with my friend!

Now for some simple “outfit details” My bathing suit top is J.Crew and my bottoms are American Apparel (and they are on sale!) ! Phew! That was easy! How do you feel about high-waisted bathing suits? I personally love the look and feel it is flattering to my curvy frame!  I never like the feeling of being totally uncovered on the beach, but I love two pieces.  I think high-waisted bottoms are a nice compromise!

I’m thrilled its now Spring and I have my longer days.  This is the time of year I feel most alive and like myself.  Are you taking advantage of the weather?  Is it crazy I ran around in my bathing suit in March?

Little Brown Bag, a Handmade Market!

Bag_Ad_Logo_Spring2014_Revised_Color_2Im excitedly preparing my Make + Do goods for participation in this fun event, Little Brown Bag, a Handmade Market!  If you live near Redlands, CA, try to stop by!  the fair is being held in the historic Mitten Building.

This is my second fair, and I’m excited to get back in the selling game.  Its fun to share your work online, but face to face feedback gives me great energy, insight into my customers and new ideas for future work!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Make + Do’s first giveaway!  It was a joy to meet so many new internet friends!  The Winner of the giveaway was Miss. Tabitha! I’m prepping her prize tonight to send on its way to her happy door!

Love to you all!


Giveaway with Sassy Red Lipstick and Make + Do!

my give awayWhen I was approached by the lovely Sarah of sassyredlipstick.com to co-host a giveaway, I felt (and feel!) so sincerely complimented!  Sarah works so hard on her beautiful personal style blog which features her impecible styling, personal updates and other sassy little things. Sarah has a lovely classic style paired with a romantic aesthetic and an amazing use of color!

Together, we created a fun giveaway for those of you who love fashion and modern vintage style!  Check out Sarah on her blog sassyredlipstick.com to see her wearing the heart bobbies featured on my etsy shop (and this blog) as well as using my pink floral foldover clutch!  I’m so thrilled to see such a cool girl wearing Make + Do!



Photos credited to Sarah of Sassy Red Lipstick

Do you want in on the Make + Do Action?  Please take part in our fun giveaway! Here are the rules!

1. Follow us on social media!
The winner will be selected from those who:
- Follow Sassy Red Lipstick.com and Make + Do by using the ‘follow her’ button
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If you do all these things, you will have 9 extra entries in the contest!

The contest will run for one week, Monday, March 10 – Monday, March 17. A winner will be randomly selected and will win a package from Make + Do Handmade including a cute vintage inspired, handmade Gingham headband as well as the adorable little heart bobby pins! I’m excited! Are you?

xo, Brittan