:Weekend Warrior – DIY:

I have decided to kick off a new little feature called “Weekend Warrior” featuring pojects anyone can do with a few hours of free time. I spend a lot of time dreaming about what to make on my days off work.  I wanted to chronicle some of my projects and hopefully inspire others to pick up their tools and create.  My first project is a simple moodboard!

I really love inspiration boards. I think it is fascintating to see what other people pin on their walls to inspire their work and their living.  I have always loved to have this and that taped to my bedroom walls, but it has been a long time since I have had a concentrated mood board.  I decided to create one over the weekend and taped it up to my wall next to my rolling rack of clothes.


To do this little project, I sat out in the sun on my patio and painted a makeshift chevron print onto a long piece of brown paper.  I used Martha Stewart’s multi surface craft paint (seriously awesome stuff!).  After the paper dried, I taped it onto my wall using my hot pink washi tape from the etsy store Pretty Tape (seriously awesome selection!!).  Here are the results! xo

Have an awesome weekend!!

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