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Something Fun! DIY love.

Jamie Pillow jme_leigh

Here is something fun!  A little while ago my sweet friend Jamie instagrammed a photo of the pillow she made using my DIY Sweater Tutorial! Didn’t it turn out beautiful?  It’s great how versital this style can be. Where I used a reindeer sweater and created a wintery throw pillow, Jamie used a repurposed pink sweater and yarn to create a pretty pillow perfect for Spring! Jamie shares a lot of adorable DIY projects on her instagram, jme_leigh.  You should check them out!

It was so exciting to see one of my DIY tutorials in action! Check out the Repurposed Sweater DIY here!  Share photos with me, I love to see creativity in action!

sweater pillow 8

:A post of pictures:

Every time I go on a work trip, I end up needing a solid three recovery days.  Business trips are hard work man, and with my line of work(sales!) retail shows are usually a very physically demanding three days.  I managed to make progress on my crochet projects, but did not finish. This trip was actually very special because my parents came to visit me while I was working.  They stayed at the Venetian and after my work days took me to see Penn and Teller and wined and dined me at Bouchon.  I ate bone marrow for the first time (yummy) and got to talk shop with my parents.  They are incredibly encouraging to me when it comes to work and career building. When I got home from Vegas on Thursday, I ended up going to my boyfriend’s show (check out the amazing band he plays with, Max and the Moon) and then crashing and sleeping for hours.  Over the weekend I accomplished two very important things…I did my taxes and I grocery shopped.  I even got to put in some hours at Anthropologie!  I’m, like, totally busy right? Right

:Thank you, January:

January was a pretty awesome month!  I traveled to New York City, started a brand new job and moved in with some amazing gal pals.  I attended a fabulous Harry Potter party, spent an otherworldly weekend at NAMM, and had a visit with Miss. Lizzie, my better half.  It was all really lovely.  If this is 2012, than I really love 2012!! xo

PS. The result of one of the last photos (pizza, spice world and dressing up as a boy) is as follows… (photo cred, Emily)

:Breakfast Links:

Good morning beautiful world!  Here are your breakfast links for this fine morning!

+I sense a present waiting to happen from this website that turns your Instagrams into posters and books! : Printstagram.

+Parce que, les filles francaise et tres mignon (Because French girls are very cute), Je presenter: Coeur de Pirate

(I most likely butchered that french, but really, I think you will love this little french singer!)

+ And I wanted to link to my sweet friend Taylor’s blog!  She is over at Pocket Full of Lace and always inspiring me to create and explore creativity.

Have a weekend full of adventures!  Ever Yours, Brittan

I have had this photo on my computer a loonnngg time.  Please alert me if it is yours!