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:I imagine Fall is in the air:

Basically, I am doing everything in my power to create some semblance of Fall in my life.  Pumpkin spice flavored things from Trader Joes, Martha Stewart and a favorite Fall past time, crochet!  Last Fall, I spent so much time crocheting that I developed tennis elbow. Pathetic, right?  I am hoping to practice good (crochet) form this season as well as pick projects that are not time sensitive so I don’t have to rapidly whip yarn around tiny hooks, but can enjoy the pastime in leisure…

I took work home with me last night and spent some solid time on a project only to find I did it WRONG. Unluckily this is freelance so after four hours I made EIGHT DOLLARS.  Its moments like these where you have to remind yourself “I’m Learning”.  Also, I can always stay up until past midnight another night! Right?!